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What version are we recently on?
It's currently 1.0 alpha
What is VideoChop ?
VideoChop is a web application based on JavaScript which provides a simple and intuitive video editing tool. VideoChop allows to drag videos directly from the desktop into the browser. It is up to the user whether he wants to cut or combine one or more videos. The videos are organized and trimmed in a timeline. If the user wants to cut a video, remove the beginning or ending or change the lengths he doesn´t need memory -eating and complicated -to-use video editing software. The user can view his work as a preview before saving it from the browser.
What differs VideoChop from similar Projects ?
All your videos and data will be stored locally on your computer. You don´t have to upload your videos onto our servers. This mainly differs our project from the tools provided by Google or Apple. Private Data will stay private when you use our website.
The Team behind VideoChop?
We are 3 students from Berlin Germany studying media and informatics. This Project is part of a module.
Saving my video is god damn slow!
Videos with different formats may cause longer saving time. Also the encoding/decoding happens in javascript. No CPU-Accerlation is used. Using videos with the same format and resolution will result in faster saving.
Saving Projects and edit them later ?
It is not possible to save projects yet. Project data will get lost when you close your browser. This feature may be implemented later.
What size of videos is supported?
This depends on your browser. Videos up to 150 MB are normalley supported on modern browsers. If you can import larger videos - give us feedback.
Registration possible ?
That's the good news: Registration is not necessary at all.
Future features planned for VideoChop?
We are planning some cool stuff for the next releases: - group videos in files - show frames per second - mute button for single videos - use own audio track - put text on a video - import different formats - export in different formats
What browsers are supported?
We haven't tested this well. You are good about using the newest version of browser. Safari 8, Chrome 34 and Firefox 34
How to report a Bug ?
You can send an email to


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Michael Duve

Grazer Damm 150
12157 Berlin

Felix Maulwurf

Halker Zeile 21
12305 Berlin

Angelina Staeck

Falkenberger Str. 180
13088 Berlin

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